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2019 Honorees

Karen Chace, The Standard Times 2018 Freetown Woman of the Year.  Karen is a professional writer, storyteller and teaching artist.  Her accomplishments include workshops, inter-generational storytelling programs, host of "South Coast  Story Slams" at the Greasy Luck Brew Pub in New Bedford and host of her own public cable access program called

"The Story Cafe."  Karen's webpage is


Dolly and Manny Goulart, founders of Century House and their children are being acknowledged as admirable role models for their business vision, commitment to excellence and sense of community for over 44 years.  Both generations of the Goulart family have aspired to provide their guests and our community with the highest level of professionalism for every event held at the Century House during these years.  Equally admirable is the example this family has set for every young adult they have employed.  They have provided them with the opportunity to become wage earners, learn work ethics and experience an example of integrity in business from this outstanding family.  The Century House website is


Nancy Sylvia is 85 years young and enjoying a completely independent lifestyle.  She is a self-taught artist and has done more gardening in the past three years than ever before.  Nancy organized our first Chinese Auction four years ago and she continues to assist us every year.  She personally donates beautiful, unique, designer jewelry and other items to support this community collaborative.

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