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  Dream Garment

 A Luxurious, Flattering, Lounging Robe

We custom design and hand finish a luxurious, limited-edition line of “Dream Garments.”  You will find the princess line cut of these lounging robes to be flattering regardless of age, body-shape, or size.  Its comfort and beauty is sure to provide a pampering, spa-like feeling for your relaxing evening at home or as an exquisite item for any dressy or casual occasion.  The proceeds from the sales of these garments will be used to finance the charitable works of Connecting the Dots…


These unique, limited-edition garments can be viewed and purchased by appointment only at:


•    Celia’s Boutique
     111 Williams Street
      New Bedford, MA 02740

      Phone:  508-971-2462

•    Fatima’s Bridal
     53 Main Street
     Fairhaven, MA 02719

     Phone:  508-991-5523


Appointments can be made to see these Dream Garments by contacting Beverly Rousseau of Connecting the Dots…at either of the above numbers,  by email at, or by visiting our "Connecting the Dots" Facebook page.

Connecting the Dots…is a brand with a vision and a message.


Dream Garment Facet

The Dream Garment Facet of Connecting the Dots… is comprised of women of all ages from various ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. The women and girls working in this facet designed, made and hand finished a full-length lounging robe.  The princess line cut of this robe is sure to be flattering on any woman regardless of size, body shape or age. This luxurious item is designed to create a pampering and relaxing spa-like feeling for women at home as well as an exquisite item to be worn out of the home for any formal or casual occasion.  The proceeds from the sales of this Garment will be used to support the charitable work we do in the community.


Within this facet of Connecting the Dots…women learn every aspect of developing and running a business, enjoy a rewarding work environment and utilize their creative and artistic abilities. While working in this capacity they are free to use the skills they have acquired to create and develop their own businesses. The self-confidence, trust and friendships they develop in this facet allows them to feel secure that any help or support they may need is close at hand.  These women are from very diverse backgrounds and life experiences spanning from ultimate joys and successes of life to a full understanding of the difficulties and adversities life can hold.


This facet is designed to help the women thrive and achieve financial security and is a place where women who have experienced adversity can feel safe in the company of others while she overcomes or heals from this adversity. Equally important is that this environment offers women who have experienced a life of advantage and opportunity the chance to give back and be a support to women in need.

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