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Mission And Goals

Connecting the Dots is an organization comprised of men and women from 

the Greater New Bedford area dedicated to leaving our children a world balanced in compassion...accountability...justice.


We are volunteers of diverse ages, religions, ethnic and socio economic backgrounds.  We believe that this diversity is one of the very reasons we are successful in the work we do.


We are a multi-faceted organization, one of which acknowledges and thanks members of society setting commendable examples in personal life choices, business and sense of community.


We design and produce a luxurious, limited-edition line of 

“Dream Garments.”  The proceeds from the sales of these garments will be used to finance the charitable works of Connecting the Dots…    


Connecting the Dots encourages all men and women to use the following in everyday life:


  • Maintain integrity in every personal action and decision made that will affect the lives of other individuals, families and the community;

  • Value the community resources and programs designed to educate, assist, protect and defend us all, and value the tax and donated dollars allocated to do so;

  • Help end the abuse that drains these resources and programs, therefore, preventing them from being used as they were intended;

  • Take personal responsibility for what makes our community great and do not participate in the breakdown of society.


We inspire our children and all of society to believe in the power of positive words, actions and attitudes by encouraging the use of these powerful tools to prevent and overcome adversity, abuse, and injustice.  


We encourage every man and woman to take personal responsibility for the world we are leaving our children.


We have had the pleasure of working with individuals and connecting with various programs, institutions and agencies including religious, medical, law enforcement, legal and judicial, child advocates, women's centers, high schools and universities.


Connecting the Dots is a brand with a vision and a message.


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